Willard Sharp

Willard Louis Sharp, Jr., 65, of Ocean City

(Jan. 25, 2019) A 65-year-old man accused of exposing himself in broad daylight was arrested on Jan. 14 in connection with disorderly conduct, according to an arrest report from the District Court of Maryland for Worcester County.

Willard Louis Sharp, Jr., of Ocean City, was charged with disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, and littering or dumping under 100 pounds, according to the report.

An employee at OC Massage told police there was a man was outside acting erratic who took off his clothes and was sitting in front of an adjacent business in the Ocean City Square Shopping Center, 11805 Coastal Highway.

The complainant said she first noticed Sharp lying on a table and appearing to be sleeping when she arrived at work around 9:45 a.m. She later noticed him getting up and moving around at about 11 a.m.

The complainant added she recognized Sharp “from previous attempts that he had made at her business to get sexual favors during massages.” 

He then allegedly removed his pants, faced the massage parlor, went toward the nearby restaurant and appeared to defecate, the report said. Police saw the man, later identified as Sharp, wearing only a brown jacket and sitting on a picnic table. He was sitting facing the window and his pants were seen in a ball on the ground next to the table.

“There he is … and he’s naked,” a citizen told police as they arrived.

Police then approached Sharp and told him to put his pants on, according to the report. He had trouble doing so and police said he appeared to be “extremely intoxicated.”

Sharp was handcuffed after putting his pants back on. Police also reported a red liquid on his chin and running down the majority of his shirt. 

When asked if he was bleeding or drinking something red, Sharp said, “I’ll admit, I’ve been drinking.”

Police then saw five empty and partially full Sutter Home 6.23-ounce wine bottles in a nearby garden, as well as an unopened bottle in his jacket pocket, according to the report. 

Officers placed Sharp under arrest and said he then became angry and uncooperative, and was yelling at passersby. Two women walking through the shopping center had to walk through the parking lot to avoid Sharp, and police said he continued yelling and demanded they apologize to him.

Sharp was released on his own recognizance on Jan. 18, according to the District Court of Maryland. His trial is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Feb. 20 in courtroom one of the Worcester County District Court on 65th Street in Ocean City.


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