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Bids are being solicited to replace the roof on the South End Tram Station, on the Boardwalk by South First Street.

(Jan. 25, 2019) Bids are being solicited to replace the roof on the South End Tram Station, on the Boardwalk by South First Street, where patch-worked shingles can be seen flapping even in mild winds.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins highlighted the upcoming bid package during the Transportation Committee meeting last Tuesday.

“The Purchasing Department currently has a bid package on the street for a roof replacement on Fire Station #2 on Dorchester Street,” he said. “In that bid package there’s an ‘add alternate,’ to re-shingle the roof on the South Tram Station.”

Adkins said bids are due by Jan. 31 for the fire station roofing project, with the bid package also soliciting pricing to remove and replace the tram station roof with new asphalt shingles, including underlayment, ridge venting and flashing.

“Obviously, if we do not fund … I patch the roof … then it becomes a discussion of aesthetics,” he said.

Adkins estimated the currently unfunded budget item would cost about $21,000, while noting the discussion has thus far been handled at departmental staff level, which procurement manual thresholds permit for amounts under $100,000.

Adkins said because of previous patch repairs many of the asphalt shingles have become unglued and now flap in winds as low as 10-15 mph – or have already become unattached.

“I wanted you to be aware,” he said.

Mayor Rick Meehan said after roofing bids are opened at the end of January, the Tram Station repairs could be reexamined during upcoming fiscal year 2020 budget meetings.

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