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The days are numbered for a small, shack-like liquor store at the front of the Seacrets property on 49th Street. Owner Leighton Moore plans to demolish it and replace it with a three-story building complete with liquor sales, storage and employee housing.

A quaint, island-themed liquor store near the entrance of the massive Seacrets complex on 49th Street is coming down to make room for a larger replacement complete with storage space and employee housing.

Ocean City planning commissioners unanimously approved site plans on Tuesday for a proposed three-story, 3,244 square-foot ABC Liquors retail store. The building will include 2,911 square feet of storage space on the second floor and employee housing big enough for 10 people on the third.

Owner Leighton Moore said the approval allows him to proceed with demolishing the existing, one-story structure, which was once an open air boutique, on the east side of the property facing Coastal Highway, and replace it with the larger structure.

The new building will include a setback of more than 10 feet from the main road and parking accommodations.

Zoning Administrator Kay Gordy said the entire property‚ which includes the Seacrets main building, Morley Hall Nightclub, Oddysea Watersports, Mainway Food and Beverage Container, a six-unit apartment building, and soon, the new three-story liquor store building, has 553 parking spaces. The total is nearly 200 spaces more than what city code requires.

Planning commissioners were complementary of the project, pointing out the “great idea” to include employee housing, and the tendency for the project to help improve the overall look of the site.

“It’s very much an improvement to the virtual landscape of that property,” Commissioner Lauren Taylor said.

Moore said he expects to open the new store by summer 2022.

This story appears in the print edition of the OC Today on Nov. 12.

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