(Jan. 24, 2020) The following took place on Monday, Jan. 13, at the Ocean City Police Commission meeting:

Taxi medallions

Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro said following last month’s meeting, letters were sent on Dec. 12 requesting the return of taxi medallions that had been revoked and deactivated.

However, none had been returned.

There are currently 175 medallions authorized for service.

Calls for service

 Buzzuro said December 2019 saw a 23.4 percent increase in officer calls for service and a 4.2 percent decrease in citizen calls for service, in comparison to December 2018.

This data excludes traffic stops, business checks and assist citizens calls.

The top 25 calls for service remained largely consistent with traffic stops, assisting citizens, 911 hang-ups, assists of Ocean City EMS and suspicious person or activity calls topping the list.

While arrests were slightly up this December, 65 in 2018 compared to 76 last year, Buzzuro said the department is ending the year with another downward trend in crimes.

Councilman Lloyd Martin, who chairs the commission, pointed to the increase in officer calls for service, noting how it represented a proactive police force.

Applicant test

The next police seasonal officer and public safety aide test date will be in February.

Buzzuro said the department has struggled to attract the seasonal employees as the economy improves.

The department saw a 40 percent decrease for seasonal officers, and a 30 percent decrease for public safety aides.

This trend has been consistent over the last five years, and was a national issue Buzzuro said.

The department will have internal discussions to tackle the issue.

The department had visited about 80 colleges and universities as part of its recruitment efforts.

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