Patrick Nolan

(Nov. 9, 2018) One of a trio of suspects who severely beat and robbed a man in June near 81st Street, was sentenced to five years in jail in Worcester Circuit Court last Wednesday.

Patrick Nolan, 22, of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, facing nine counts including first-degree assault and felony robbery, accepted a plea deal for one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree assault.

Also facing charges for the violent robbery are Jason Guzman, 18, and Nicole Yake, 20, both of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. An unidentified juvenile was also arrested but not charged as an adult in the incident.

Police said the victim, who was found lying on 81st Street bleeding from a large facial cut, said he was attacked by three males who relieved him of an expensive belt, and ripped three gold chains from his neck.

The victim, who received treatment at Atlantic General Hospital for a concussion, broken nose and cuts requiring medical staples, told police he had been talking to the foursome for about a half hour before the attack, after which the group fled in a dark colored van.

While still on scene reviewing surveillance footage from an adjacent hotel, police saw a vehicle matching the suspects’ near the fight scene.

Police saw Nolan exit the van and search the ground using a phone, where investigators had earlier found evidence that included gold chain links and a pair of bloodstained glasses.

Nolan attempted to flee upon spotting the police, but was captured within a few blocks. Police also detained the other three subjects in the van.

When questioned, police said Yake leveled rape accusations against the assault victim, claiming that motivated Guzman and Nolan’s assault.

Yake also admitted to recording the robbery and assault on her cell phone, which police said shows Guzman and Nolan stomping repeatedly on the victim’s head, before stopping to remove items from his person, and then resuming the physical assault.

When interviewed that same day, police said Yake revised her rape accusation to sexual harassment, before  admitting she was not assaulted at all. She was arrested in July for allegedly aiding  in the attack.

Guzman has a jury trial set for Nov. 14 in Worcester Circuit Court, with Yake scheduled on Jan. 3 for a jury trial.

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