Lynches meet requirements for demolition, other repairs to meet county expectation

(Nov. 22, 2019) Worcester County Commissioners received an update regarding a nuisance abatement order for a property on St. Martins Neck Road in Bishopville during their meeting on Tuesday.

County Commissioner Jim Bunting had asked for that information at the last commissioners meeting, since that property is in his district. 

Denise and Vincent Lynch, owners of the property, received a nuisance abatement order on Nov. 13, 2018. The order stated that “the unattended and uninhabitable dilapidated portion of the structure” was deemed “beyond reasonable hope of rehabilitation or restoration.” They appeared before the commissioners on Feb. 5, 2019 to request an extension to the abatement order, which had required compliance by Jan. 15, 2019.

During that February meeting, commissioners and the Lynches discussed possibly repairing the structure, completely demolishing it and partially demolishing. 

“When they were before you, they really had no idea what they wanted to do,” said Ed Tudor, director of review and permitting for Worcester County.

The Lynches agreed to comply with a timeline of 14 days to make application to zoning appeals, 30 days to get a demolition permit and start demolition, 60 days for architectural stamped drawings, and starting construction six months from Tuesday. The zoning appeals hearing was necessary to determine if the couple could demolish the building and rebuild within the same footprint.

According Tudor, the Lynches submitted the zoning appeals and permit applications within the given timeline. Since they did not submit signed architectural plans and all permit applications for proposed improvements, the department processed the permit application as demolition only.

The two-story portion of the structure was demolished at the end of July, before the given deadline. When asked what the Lynches plan to do next, Tudor reported that they wanted to build a manufactured addition, which they later received a special exception for from the Worcester County Board of Zoning Appeals on Oct. 10. Since the couple doesn’t know when they will have the funds to build the addition, Tudor was skeptical that it would ever happen.

Bunting also asked if the property would have to be inspected. Tudor explained that there was no reason for the county to inspect for today’s housing code. 

“There are tons of houses out there, if you applied today’s housing codes, they’d never comply,” Tudor said.

He added that there is a tenant on the property, but the county has not received a complaint for which they would inspect. Since there is a renter present, the property will need a rental license with the new rental license program that starts Jan. 1.

Tudor’s final note on the project was that the Lynches are planning on getting work done on the siding in the next few weeks, after a prior appointment was canceled due to inclement weather. In his opinion, the Lynches have met the basic requirements from the county commissioners.

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