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(Jan. 8, 2021) Ocean City will net about $3,000 less from three-year contracts for mid-town beach equipment rental franchise parcels auctioned last month.

The auction on Dec. 2 involved 14 locations between 28th and 84th Streets, with contracts for four other parcels renewed for a second three-year period at a rate 10 percent higher than previously paid.

In total, the dozen-and-a-half beach equipment contracts netted just over $225,000, down from more than $228,000 under the prior terms.

The total franchise fees collected for beach equipment rental stands in Ocean City tops $1.3 million.

Bidders for the 14 parcels were Pat McLaughlin [five locations], Caje Berry Knight [three locations], Jonathan Layton [two locations], as well as Will Edmunds, Bill Rolleston, Frank Dougherty and Bluewater Development each with one spot.

The largest price variance over prior contracts was for the 45th-47th Streets parcel auctioned to Bluewater Development for $24,000, which is 82 percent higher than the previous price of $13,200.

Renewing mid-town beach equipment rental contracts were Christopher Dorsey, Patrice Murrell and William Rolleston.

The franchise contract procedures required minimum bids of $500 along with a nonrefundable $1,000 deposit, with 20 percent of the annual fee due by Dec. 11 or paid in full when auctioned if under $1,000.

In addition to submitting a credit report with references, applicants were required to provide a concise management plan and proof of insurance.

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