(Aug. 21, 2020) Maryland lobbyist Bruce Bereano will continue to offer his expertise to resort officials, after the City Council voted on Monday to extend his contract. 

“Several years ago, we hired government relations consultant Bruce Bereano to help us in two specific ways,” City Manager Doug Miller said. “The first was with the wind farms and the second was with trying to deal with the negative affects with the pop-up motor events.” 

Bereano has lobbied for special interest groups for three decades, and was at one point the second-highest paid lobbyist in Annapolis. 

City officials interviewed and hired Bereano during a Sept. 12, 2017 closed session meeting, and have renewed his contract each year since. 

“We did not budget money for the next year for Mr. Bereano. However, some of the issues are still unresolved, especially the wind farms,” Miller said. 

Bereano proposed a contract renewal of $65,000 a year, which would be paid in intervals at $16,250 per quarter. 

The contract extension would last from Sept. 1 2020 to Aug. 31, 2021, but could be severed at the end of each quarter if needed, Miller said. 

“Bruce has been a great asset,” Mayor Rick Meehan said. “We had an awful lot of help with the special events bill we put before the legislature this year, but I’m not sure we would have had the success that we had if Bruce hadn’t been involved.” 

Meehan highlighted Bereano’s connections within the General Assembly, and how he “opened” doors for the council to meet with necessary parties. 

“As far as the wind turbine issue, he has been at the forefront of that issue with us, working with Tim Mahoney, who’s our attorney, working with Rep. Andy Harris’ office, [and] I think it’s important that we continue that relationship for now,” Meehan said. 

Other council members agreed and voted unanimously to approve the contract extension.  

Josh covers everything Ocean City government and crime. He graduated from the University of Richmond in 2019 with a B.A. in French and Journalism.

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