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OC fraud investigation nets seven

(Jan. 18, 2019) Seven people have been charged with using counterfeit credit cards to purchase hotel rooms, food and alcohol, the Ocean City Police Department announced last Friday.

Facing charges are: Adebomi E. Adaralegbe, 21, of Landover, Maryland; Remi Adeoye Adegbite, 22, of Magnolia, Arkansas; Khiry R. Drummond, 27, of Cambridge; Shawn A. Johnson Jr., 19, of Princess Anne; Honore T. Mbaye, 20, of Middle River, Maryland; Justin A. McMillan, 20, of Snow Hill; and Diallo Souleymane, 25, of Capital Heights.

The accused were charged via a court summons, following a nearly two-year investigation. Among the charges listed are credit card fraud, identity theft and credit card counterfeiting.

Six people living outside the area reported their credit card information had been used at hotels, restaurants and liquor stores in Ocean City during the summer of 2017, police said.

In addition, a car occupied by three of the suspects — Johnson, Adaralegbe and Adegbite — was stopped by police that summer for a traffic violation.

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Diallo Souleymane, Shawn Johnson, Honore Mbaye, and Justin McMillan

In that case, police said they smelled marijuana, searched the vehicle and found several items, including a fraudulent debit card, a laptop computer and two credit card readers-writers.

Police said the suspects were suspected of making these counterfeit cards using account numbers “likely purchased on the dark web.”

The investigation concluded in mid-December 2018, according to Lindsay Richard, public information officer for the police department. She added that McMillan, Mbaye, Johnson, and Souleymane were previously arrested on unrelated charges. 

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