The Ocean City Complete Streets Implementation Team looks will widen sidewalks on streets such as 81st Street in order to make foot traffic smoother and safer within the town. 

(Aug. 2, 2019) A list of street improvement projects was presented to the Ocean City Council Tuesday, as Engineering Manager Paul Mauser gave the council the rundown on behalf of the city’s “Complete Streets Implementation Team.”

The Complete Streets team is composed of members of the engineering, public works and planning and zoning departments. 

The purpose of the team is to evaluate all paving projects that take place within Ocean City. 

“Anytime the town repaves or reconstructs the road, that is the trigger for having that road corridor evaluated under this policy,” Mauser said.  

The recently established group, which held its first meeting in February, has already undertaken several projects to widen sidewalks in high volume areas. 

“We took a look at streets that were planned for repaving and we came up with some improvements,” Mauser said. 

These improvements were to widen sidewalks to seven feet on 81st Street and also at signalized intersections on Assawoman Corridor. 

These intersections are located on 120th, 123rd, 127th and 130th Streets. 

The next big project the group has planned is to widen the sidewalk on Robin Drive, which Mauser said had extra heavy foot traffic. 

The group is still working on the design, but Mauser said that should be completed by fall, and the construction itself by April the next year. 

In addition to widening the sidewalks, the group will implement American Disability Association (ADA) compliant driveways and piano-style crosswalks, which are more visible to drivers. 

By widening the sidewalks, the group hopes to get pedestrians out of the streets, and make foot traffic smoother and safer within the town. 

“The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and convenient transportation,” Mauser said. “We just want to take everyone into account when we’re designing the road.

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