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D&M Painting Corporation was hired by Ocean City after the company submitted a bid of $367,650 to paint the outside of the water tower on 94th Street, and $366,900 to rehabilitate the inside of the structure.

Ocean City Council members approved three bids for work in the resort area, including the painting and repair of a water tower at 94th Street.

When the bids were read out loud for the work on the water tower last week, only a portion of the amount was announced. The project was broken into three parts. The first part was to paint the exterior of the water tower, the second was to rehabilitate the inside to last another 15 years, and the third was to paint the Art League’s logo on the bulb-shaped structure.

Ocean City Public Works Director Hal Adkins told the council on Monday that the exterior portion of the project was initially approved, but his department did not have the funding available to complete the repairs inside.

After speaking with Finance Director Chuck Bireley and Budget Manager Jennie Knapp, Adkins said the money could be appropriated out of the water fund balance to pay D&M Painting Corporation, who was awarded the project.

Suburban Contractors LLC submitted the lowest bid of $238,500 for the project but asked to withdraw its bid because of mathematical errors.

D&M Painting submitted a bid of $367,650 to paint the outside surface of the water tower, a project that the city budgeted $350,000 to complete.

To rehabilitate the inside of the tower, D&M said it would cost $366,900.

When the last inspection was done on the inside of the tower, it was noted that the full interior needed to be re-coated. If work were to be postponed, the cost could be far more than the $366,900 proposed by D&M, according to Adkins.

The council agreed to move forward with both phases of the project by voting 7-0.

Another project that was awarded on Monday night was for the annual street paving, which the city budgeted $600,000.

The city received six bids ranging from $550,000 to $1,142,550, and after reviewing them all, staff members determined Chesapeake Paving & Sealing Inc. would be awarded the project, having submitted the lowest bid.

Council members also voted to award Weissco Power LLC a project to replace the universal power supply at the Public Safety Building.

Although the city budgeted $110,000 for the project, Weissco Power submitted a bid of $85,320 to complete the work.

Both projects were approved by council members in a 7-0 vote.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on Nov. 5 2021.

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