City Council

(Sept. 13, 2019) The following took place during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. 

Addition to BZA

Members of City Council voted unanimously to add Brooke McGrath to the Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Energy supply auction

The council voted to award Constellation Energy a contract with the city as its electricity supplier, beginning in July 2022. 

Constellation Energy was one of seven firms to bid on the contract, and offered the lowest rate at 5.188 cents per kilowatt hour, for 36 months. 

Ocean City’s current rate is 5.39 cents per kilowatt hour. 

In addition, it will offer 10 percent renewable energy free of charge, which will keep the city at the standard set by the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 50 percent renewable energy. 

City Engineer Terry McGean said the contract would save the city roughly $31,000 per year, and $94,000 over the contract’s lifespan. 

The council voted unanimously to approve the bid. 

Motor replacements

Fire Chief Richie Bowers requested $300,000 to replace three faulty truck engine.

Bowers said that the vehicles used Maxxforce engines that were no longer manufactured by Kovatch Mobile Equipment. 

Budget Manager Jennie Knapp explained that the money requested by the fire department was reappropriated from fund balance, aka leftover money. 

Much of it, Knapp said, was leftover funds given to the fire department the year before. 

There were four fund sources: A $51,000 grant, $35,000 grant reimbursement for pagers, $90,000 of unused Volunteer Fire Company funds and $90,000 career division funds from 2019. 

This amount totaled $266,000, and the remaining $34,000 would need to be drawn from fund balance. 

The council voted unanimously to approve the request. 

Photography franchise

City Clerk Diana Chavis presented a bid made by Jonathan Cameron to purchase a second beach photo franchise for $76,250. 

Chavis also recommended to change the beach photo franchise from a two-franchise system, to one-franchise system.

Under the two-franchise system, bidders like Cameron were required to make a minimum offer of $150,000. Chavis said that under the one-franchise system, bidders would make a minimum offer of $225,000 instead. 

The council voted unanimously to award Cameron the contract, change the franchise system from two to one franchise, require a $225,000 minimum bid, prepare one contract to reflect the changes and amend the code to reflect the recommendation. 

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