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Golfers play in the distance on the city-owned Eagles Landing Golf Course off Route 611. Ocean City Council members recently approved several minor renovation projects to be paid for from the course’s fund balance.

Ahead of formulating a request for larger expenses from the capital improvement plan next fiscal year, Eagles Landing Golf Course officials have received approval to use expected money to complete some minor renovations.

At a work session on Nov. 15, the City Council unanimously approved a request from Golf Superintendent Joe Perry to use nearly $212,000 to pay for various projects at the city-owned course.

In response to a question from Councilman John Gehrig, Perry and Budget Manager Jennie Knapp explained that because the golf course is supported by an enterprise fund — a self-funded account separate from the general fund — staff must get approval from council members to pay expenses that were not budgeted.

The golf course had a profit in fiscal 2022 of nearly $500,000, and carries an unrestricted fund balance of $563,910. Perry said the nearly $212,000 sought for four projects will come from the fund balance.

Broken down, $100,000 will be allocated to improvements to the back of the clubhouse, which includes replacement of two windows and tweaks to the the rear entrance; the clubhouse circle will be paved for $35,000; $54,000 will be used for permitting costs for phases three and four of the golf course master plan; and a little more than $22,000 will be used to replace a 10-year-old beverage cart.

Perry said bids were received recently for the clubhouse repairs and that the $100,000 total should cover the cost. He added that he is still waiting on official estimate for the paving, but believes the $35,000 should be enough. On the permitting costs, Perry said city staff are finalizing approvals with the proper regulatory agencies and will be coming back with a larger request for the CIP for other expenses when the time comes. As for the beverage cart, Perry said the old one was deteriorating badly and a new one was needed, as food and beverage service is important to ensuring revenues for the course.

Perry and his staff have been working on the golf course master plan, which details updates to the more than 30-year-old course that he says have been desperately needed for some time.

All projects/purchases have been vetted with positive response from the Finance and Budget Directors and will comply with the Town’s established procurement procedures; therefore, staff is also requesting flexibility with the final spend total based upon finalized pricing obtained through those processes.

This story appears in the Nov. 25, 2022 print edition of the OC Today.

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