Stephen Kermit Fedick

Stephen Kermit Fedick

An Ocean City man faces serious charges after he drove into another vehicle and fled from the scene at speeds that witnesses said were over 80 mph.

A report filed by the Ocean City Police said an officer saw 44-year-old Stephen Kermit Fedick strike the rear end of a white SUV in the southbound bus lane on Coastal Highway near 94th Street.

The officer drove to the scene, but saw Fedick pull away and head south with the white SUV following. According to reports, the officer lost the two vehicles for a moment before noticing the two cars were heading northbound.

Witnesses told police the SUV Fedick was driving reached speeds of 80 mph as he drove north.

Another officer who was near Old Landing Road reported that he saw Fedick change lanes multiple times as he drove north on Coastal. The officer then pulled behind Fedick, turned on the emergency lights, and pulled him over in a parking lot near 118th Street.

Several officers responded to the stop, and according to court documents, Fedick was seen stumbling out of the SUV.

When officers approached Fedick, he admitted to striking the other car, but rather than stay at the scene, he wanted to go home.

A crash reconstructionist with the OCPD said the bumper of Fedick’s vehicle had a dent that was approximately 18 inches deep and had pushed the hood up to where it was visible to Fedick.

When police searched his vehicle, Fedick was found to have an open container inside.

A female passenger in the vehicle Fedick struck complained of back pains but was not transported to Atlantic General Hospital.

As a result of the accident, Fedick faces charges of DUI of alcohol and drugs, open container, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and several other traffic violations.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on March 4, 2022.

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