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Ocean City council members unanimously threw their support behind efforts to plan a massive concert in the resort area toward the end of Sept. 2022.

Ocean City officials thought the idea rocked, judging by the enthusiastic reception they gave Monday to plans to develop a large music festival like that of the famous Lollapalooza for September 2022.

As Tom Perlozzo continues to come up with ways to rebrand Ocean City, an apparent roadblock that exists on one of the last weekends of September seems to be more of an obstacle the director of tourism and business development wants to overcome.

Those familiar with the resort area know that September is the same month the pop-up car rally takes place – a week when tuner cars invade Ocean City. In past years, the event has turned chaotic, with cars racing up and down the streets and hordes of people blocking off intersections for cars to have burnout competitions.

But next year, officials are looking to do some counter-programming by bring a three-day concert event to Ocean City during the weekend of Sept. 23-25.

In June, officials met with Tim Sweetwood of C3 Presents, which is a company that has produced large-scale live events like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and Shaky Knees Music Festival.

Sweetwood told City Council members on Monday that his company is interested in hosting a first-class music festival in Ocean City during the fall of 2022.

Perlozzo asked the council for permission to move forward with planning the mega concert.

“We believe we will end up with a first-class opportunity like we’ve never seen,” he said.

Councilman Tony DeLuca appeared excited at the possibilities that Sweetwood and his team could bring to Ocean City and moved to approve the request.

Likewise, Councilman John Gehrig asked if Sweetwood was aware of what happens in Ocean City that weekend, and he responded that he was. He later added that he was excited to come to a city with a reputation like Ocean City’s.

With a unanimous vote, council approved the concept, opening the gateway for Sweetwood and Perlozzo to begin planning the event.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on Aug. 20. 2021.

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This is insane for 1 reason. H2Oi idiots here the same weekend. I get the mindset of the council. Try to make that weekend less accessible to H2Oi. It's a great concept. The only realistic assumption is that H2Oi doesn't care. They are anti establishment and anti rules. They are a scab on OCMD that needs to picked away. These privileged scum suckers need to be driven far and away. The council is a disgrace. The mayor Meehan is an even bigger disgrace for allowing this. For the sake of the town move this event and bring in national gaurd to crack some skulls during H2Oi.


Instead of this stupid idea, how about working on making OC more accessible to the handicapped and disabled? Like letting Sand Taxi do their job?

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