Dwight Jones, Sr.

Dwight Jones, Sr.

A Columbia, Maryland man faces DUI charges after getting out of his car three times and having it roll away each time because he failed to put it into park.

Dwight Jones, Sr., 56, was arrested by Ocean City Police at 11:16 p.m. on Sept. 19 near 40th Street and charged with DUI, DWI on drugs, and other charges.

Police said Jones pulled into a parking lot, appearing to be lost, and when police approached him, the passenger in his car said they were trying to find a nearby hotel.

Jones then got out of the vehicle and approached the officer, though the car was not in park and began to roll away toward the squad car.

He quickly got back into the driver’s seat to put the car in park, but then got out of the car again, only to have it roll away a second time because he failed to put it in park, police said.

Due to Jones’s behavior, police ran a license and warrant check and found his license was suspended. The officer followed Jones to the hotel he was looking for, and when Jones arrived at the hotel, he got out of the car and it began to roll away again before he hopped back in and placed it in park.

Jones told police his license was suspended because he didn’t pay “all of his tickets,” though the officer told him it was suspended because of a DUI that occurred in December 2020 in Howard County, Maryland.

After an investigation, Jones was found to be under the influence of alcohol. He also admitted to officers that he took his prescribed dose of Oxycodone just before driving from Columbia to Ocean City, at around 3 p.m. or 12 p.m. Having admitted to arriving in Ocean City just then, police determined he likely took the Oxycodone within three hours of the incident.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on Sept. 24, 2021.

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