Patrick Stewart Baldwin

Patrick Stewart Baldwin

A 26-year-old man was arrested last week after he was caught trying to use fake $20 bills to purchase fast food in Ocean City.

Patrick Stewart Baldwin, of Port Deposit, Maryland was arrested by Ocean City Police on Sunday near 54th Street and charged with using bogus currency, possessing drugs other than marijuana, and having a fighting knife.

A manager of a fast-food restaurant near 123rd Street alerted police that a “skinny white male with a full beard,” later identified as Baldwin, approached the drive-thru window to buy a small order of French fries and a large drink.

Baldwin handed over what appeared to be $20 bill, except that the employee immediately saw on it the words “MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” written in large text. The manager and employee both inspected the bill and determined it was fake before handing it back to Baldwin and telling him he needed another form of payment.

Then, Baldwin handed the employee a credit card with the name, “Chyna A. Perez” on it. The employee tried to run the card, but it was declined twice, and Baldwin said to cancel the order before driving off.

The employee took down the license plate number of the vehicle and it was provided to police.

When officers arrived, they looked at the $20 bill and noticed it looked like a real $20 bill, though the texture was off and “MOTION PICTURE USE” was on it in three different places.

Police were able to conduct a license plate check, which came back with the name Chyna Perez, the same name on the credit card that Baldwin attempted to use to pay for his food.

As police continued to investigate the incident, another officer reported that the vehicle Baldwin was driving had pulled into a hotel near 54th street.

Baldwin was stopped and the officer recognized the driver as Baldwin, the man in surveillance footage.

Police said Baldwin was advised that there was an incident at the fast-food restaurant, and that he replied that he was trying to get a drink and some fries for his kid.

Baldwin told police that employees would not take his bill because they said it was fake. He then handed it over to the police, even though the officer never asked for it. He then told the officer he tried to pay with Perez’s card, but it was declined.

Baldwin was placed under arrest for using counterfeit money, driving on a suspended license and other charges. When he was searched, police said, officers found a spring-assisted knife in his jacket, Police also found a small yellow vial with methamphetamine, as well as an opened package of Suboxone that was not prescribed to him.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on Oct. 8, 2021.

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