Public Works Director Hal Adkins presented the City Council a project bid for less than half the budgeted total for repairs at the wastewater treatment plant generator building.

(Nov. 9, 2018) Ocean City government saved roughly $112,000 this week on a project budgeted for $170,000 to repair the generator building at the wastewater treatment plant on 64th Street.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins told the City Council Monday that a low bid of $57,780 from Harkins Contracting seemed off base initially.

Adkins said after opening project bids on Oct. 30, he contacted Harkins to assure the price, roughly $95,000 below the other bid received, was accurate.

“A little eye-opening, but we did, in fact, reach out to Harkins to question if … they had missed anything,” he said.

Adkins recited an email Harkins sent explaining that the low price was due to an ongoing project Harkins is completing at the Public Works 65th Street Complex.

“We cut out a lot of general conditions since we already were onsite doing your campus project,” Adkins quoted from the correspondence. “Basically, they go on to say they’ve got it covered and they’re comfortable with their numbers.”

Following Councilwoman Mary Knight’s unanimously approved motion to accept the bare bones offer, Councilman Tony DeLuca offered a fiscal footnote to Councilman John Gehrig, who have both previously debated the merits of spending constraint.

“I would like to comment to Councilman Gehrig that we saved $112,000 at this meeting,” he said.

Gehrig asked if DeLuca wanted to begin a competition.

“Is that a challenge to keep a running tally, because I guarantee you’ll lose,” he said. “You might not want to dance in the end zone quite yet.”

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