Downtown Flooding

The Ocean City Coastal Resources Legislative Committee, or Green Team, will review the annual report on nuisance flooding events for 2021 in January. Though the report will only provide a year’s worth of data, the committee expects to use it along with upcoming years to determine whether flooding events are increasing in number and severity. 

Members of several Ocean City standing committees met last month, including the Tourism Commission, Green Team and Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to discuss several items perceived to be important to the resort area.

Tourism Commission

Council President Matt James gave a rundown of the last Tourism Commission meeting that took place on Nov. 15 at the convention center on 40th Street.

A large part of the meeting focused on the public perception study, which was included in the City Council meeting agenda for Nov. 30, located at

Green Team

Nine members of the Green Team met on Nov. 10 at City Hall on Third Street for an update on the nuisance flooding work group, which was created to track the frequency of flooding in town and to determine whether the floods are getting more severe.

A final report is expected to be completed in December and in January, the Green Team will review the results. Though it will take more than a year of data to establish a decisive determination of the trends seen, this will give members a chance to review how rainfall and abnormally high tides affected flooding in downtown portions of town like St. Louis Avenue.

City Director of Planning and Development Bill Neville and Ron Humphress of the Engineering Department were also going to look at Worcester Street, where the road surface height is to be increased by six inches, like in Montego Bay, to improve drainage.

The Green Team also set its sights on the Litter Free OC campaign and how to focus efforts for 2022.

Part of the evaluation included looking at what worked well and what did not, as the campaign has limited funding.

The team is expected to meet again on Jan 12 at 3:30 at City Hall.

Bike Team

Members of the Ocean City Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, or BPAC, met on Nov. 10 at City Hall and continued their discussion and planning of placing bike racks at the end of oceanside streets, the most recent being on 36th Street.

The committee also got an update on the mayor’s bike ride, which took place on Oct. 31.

More than 50 people took part in the ride this year and planning for the 2022 event will begin in March.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on Dec. 3, 2021.

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