Tourism Committee meets to discuss updates on the season's events and potential future policy changes. 

(Sept. 13, 2019) The following took place during Monday afternoon’s Ocean City Tourism Committee meeting.

Membership rates

The committee elected to maintain current Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) membership rates at $350 for deadline registrations, and $300 for early-bird registrations. 

CVB is an arm of the Ocean City Department of Tourism, committee member Donna Abbott said. 

Businesses join the group and receive benefits such as online advertisement and brochures at the visitor center. 

Abbott said that membership rates were holding steady, but there has been a slight dip from last year’s 301 members to 284 this year. 

She did not blame the fee, and noted that several businesses closed this year. 

The committee unanimously voted to maintain the membership rates. 

Boardwalk cleanup

Melanie Pursel, Ocean City Chamber of Commerce president, began the meeting by suggesting the need for more private sector involvement with Boardwalk maintenance. 

One issue that several members pointed out was employees using the trashcans on the Boardwalk, rather than off-Boardwalk dumpsters, filling them to overflowing with garbage. 

This overflow is easy pickings for seagulls, which leave trash strewn all over the area, Pursel said. 

Susan Jones, executive director of Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association, suggested an “adopt your own street” system where businesses would be responsible for cleaning up the area around the property. 

Rather than a strict codebook or policy, Pursel said the committee should simply talk with businesses and give them recommendations. 

“Designate one person every two hours to go out front and sweep…pick up whatever is laying around,” Pursel said.

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