Revenue from the Ocean Downs Casino in Berlin contributes to Local Impact Grants for Berlin, Ocean Pines and Ocean City.

(Sept. 27, 2019) Revenue to local governments from Ocean Downs Casino continues to climb, according to records from the Local Development Council meeting for the Ocean Downs Video Lottery Facility.

For FY19, Ocean Downs raked in a total of $4.48 million to be split between the county and three local jurisdictions. This is an increase from FY18, which produced a total of $3.9 million.

Berlin, Ocean Pines, Ocean City and Worcester County receive shares of casino revenue in the form of Local Impact Grants, which must be used for infrastructure improvements, facilities, public safety, sanitation, economic and community development and other public services and improvements, according to the state law that legalized gaming in Maryland.

For FY19, Berlin received $384,485.34, Ocean City received $768,970.66, Ocean Pines received $384,485.34 and Worcester County received $2,937,454.44. Table game revenue produced $428,542.42 of Worcester County’s total. 

Per the state law, each jurisdiction is required to report how it spent its grants. Berlin used most of its gambling revenue to fund the Berlin Police Department construction. In FY18, the town completed Phase III of the construction with $353,053.99. 

The FY19 grant will replenish Berlin’s general fund. Additional funds with help public safety and improvements for the town. 

The Town of Ocean City used the FY19 funds to repave 141st Street and it plans to use FY20 funds for street paving. Ocean Pines used most of the FY19 funds for road pipe replacements. 

The community association plans to use FY20 funds for repaving numerous roads and a parking lot for Sports Core Pool. Worcester County used FY19 funds for Worcester Technical High School facilities loan payment. FY20 funds will be used for more loan payments and school equipment.

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