Ocean Pines Medical Center

The Worcester Planning Commission approved plans to build an additional building totaling more than 69,000 square feet at the Ocean Pines Medical Center, near the intersection of Route 589 and Cathage Road.

(May 10, 2019) The Worcester Planning Commission approved the county’s first-ever health care planned unit development last Thursday, when it cleared the way for the Ocean Pines Medical Center, near the intersection of Route 589 and Cathage Road.

The developers plan to build a fourth building on the campus with a total square footage of more than 69,000 square feet.

Attorney Mark Cropper, representing Coastal Venture Properties and developer Palmer Gillis, told the Planning Commission during its meeting last Thursday that the Health Care PUD zoning classification was approved by the county commissioners at the request of his client in 2017.

“The purpose of this is to create a uniform [and] consistent health care facility campus,” he said.

Cropper noted the recently established zoning classification requires applicants to submit a community impact statement, which contemplates highway capacities, traffic congestion, water and sewer service, pollution factors, effects on county revenues and expenditures, and potential job creation.

Gillis said the property already contains several structures, including a pair of 20,000-square-foot buildings, with the first featuring a rehab center, laboratory facility and family practice, while the second houses the Peninsula Regional Medical Centers Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute.

Gillis said a slightly smaller third structure, approximately 11,000 square feet, is slated to house a GI practice with other tenants yet to be determined.

“This final buildings shell is anticipated to be completed by fall 2020 and probably half will be filled at that time,” he said.

Gillis also confirmed future tenants would be advised that under Health Care PUD zoning requirements included properties have to be developed and maintained in a consistent manner.

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