Harrison Group headquarters coming to 18th St. spot

The large rubbery dinosaurs that tower above the grounds of Nick’s Jurassic Golf on 18th street are facing an Ice Age of sorts with an office building slated to wipe out their habitat in the near future.

The Ocean City Planning Commission approved a site plan last week that will allow The Harrison Group to build a two-story office at the current site of the dino-themed mini golf course at 1801 Philadelphia Ave.

The family-run Harrison Group is one of the resort’s most prominent property owners, with multiple hotels, restaurants and event spaces under their purview. Their portfolio started with the opening of the Harrison Hall Hotel downtown in the 1950s, and has grown to include dozens of other properties across the resort.

According to the Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation, the company owns the land where the mini golf course operates. In theapproved site plan, the new, modern-looking office building will replace the golf course and all of its amenities. The space will be the new headquarters for company employees, who today work in a much smaller and less ideal space inside the Plim Plaza on Baltimore Avenue.

Zoning Administrator Kay Gordy said during the planning commission meeting that the project will be built in two phases. She said it will come in just below 12,000 gross square feet when it is complete, which will include parking in front.

During the meeting, planning commissioners discussed the existing bus terminal, which today is just a sign on the sidewalk, and included a condition in their approval that the developer of the new office has to build an actaul bus shelter somewhere on the property.

The commissioners had few other comments about the project during the meeting, except Commissioner Lauren Taylor, who said she believes many of the neighbors of the property will be happy with the change because of a decrease in noise, activity and the elimination of bright flood lights that accompany the mini golf course. She also called the new, future building “very pretty.”

Attempts to reach a representative from The Harrison Group, and the owner of Nick’s Mini Golf to comment on the details of this story were unsuccessful.

This story appears in the July 15, 2022 print edition of the OC Today.

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