(May 10, 2019) Bret Arthur Wurster, 56 of Ocean City, was charged with disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct on Sunday following an incident that began in the middle of the road and ended inside a 7th Street pub.

Police reportedly first spotted Wurster walking across the road near 8th Street, as he stopped in the lane directly in front of a marked police car, causing the officer to slam on the breaks and come to a complete stop.

Wurster allegedly yelled at the car, then jumped onto the sidewalk and began walking south. When the officer flashed his emergency lights to stop Wurster, he apologized several times, but later became angry while police ran his license.

Additional police came to assist as Wurster began cursing at the officer. The suspect later reportedly told police, “I’m going into the bar, you can come give me my ticket in there.”

Police said Wurster’s actions became worse in the bar and that an arrest was made. He is scheduled to face trial June 5 at Worcester County District Court in Ocean City.

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