(June 19, 2020) Tyheim Bowen, whose brother, Tymeir Dennis, was struck and killed Maryland State Police car in 2013, has started a petition on change.org to reopen the court case about the crash on Route 113 that November.


Tyheim Bowen, left, has started a petition to raise awareness about a November 2013 car crash that left him amputated and killed his brother, Tymeir Dennis.


On Nov. 8, 2013 at about 8:02 p.m., brothers Bowen and Dennis were struck by Maryland State Trooper Nicholas Hager in an unmarked police car on Route 113 and Bay Street.

According to the police report, Dennis, 16, was pronounced dead at Atlantic General Hospital after suffering massive injuries to his head, back and other areas of his body. 

Bowen, 17, sustained a broken leg, dislocated right knee, fractured pelvis, a cut on his right lower leg and abrasions on his right arm. He was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center and then to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. His injuries led to the amputation of his right leg amputated.

Bowen and Dennis were walking from Uncle Willie’s convenience store on 111 Flower Street when they were struck by Hager, who was traveling north on the highway and had recently cleared a traffic stop a mile and a half away at Hayes Landing Road. 

Hager was allegedly traveling about 57 mph when the car crash occurred. 

Hager received no disciplinary action, and he returned to work on Nov. 12, 2013.

The Pedestrian Safety Committee with assistance from State Highway Administration officials, announced commitments for safety improvements along the highway on Feb.10, 2014. 

Warning signals and a crosswalk were installed on Route 113.

The speed limit was also reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph.

In February 2017, a Worcester County Circuit Court jury took less than 45 minutes to find all parties negligent in the fatal Nov. 8, 2013 accident on Route 113. 

The jury agreed with the police investigation that the brothers’ dark clothing caused poor visibility.

According to the police report, Bowen was wearing blue jeans and a black jacket. Dennis wore a pair of green camouflage pants and a dark-colored shirt and jacket.

The jury also found that Hager could have done more to prevent the accident.

However, Hager has not been charged for Dennis’ death. 

Through the petition, Bowen is appealing to Gov. Larry Hogan and others to reopen the case, while also raising awareness about their story.

As of Thursday morning, the petition has received 2,062 signatures.

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