The revisions plan to convert four storage rooms into hotel rooms, which would up the total room count to 132 hotel rooms and five guest suites.

(Aug. 9, 2019) An expanded rooftop bar, a ground-level Starbucks coffee shop, a relocated fitness center and four additional hotel rooms are all site plan revisions for phase one of the Cambria Hotel development that were approved on Tuesday’s Planning and Zoning Commission. 

During the meeting, one of the main focuses was parking. 

The original site plan was approved for 131 rooms, which would have required 193 parking spaces. The site plan successfully met this requirement with 202 parking spaces planned. 

The revisions plan to convert four storage rooms into hotel rooms, which would up the total room count to 132 hotel rooms and five guest suites. 

Although the number of rooms increased, the original parking plan still met the requirement of 201 parking spaces required. 

Parking is calculated using two “discount” methods. 

The first method applies to the top floor restaurant. An unenclosed outdoor dining area is exempt from parking requirements up to an area equal to the enclosed gross floor area. This means that for every 300 square feet of the area, one parking space is required. 

The second method allows restaurant uses in a hotel containing 50 or more dwelling units to reduce parking requirements by 50 percent and parking for conference space by 70 percent, because it assumes hotel guests will account for those percentages of the client or customer base.

For example, the top floor restaurant is 2,176 square feet, and it requires one parking space per 100 square feet, which equals 22 parking spaces. 

The outdoor seating excess is 1,414 square feet, so it requires one space per 200 square feet, which comes to 8 parking spaces. So the total parking spaces needed is 30.

However, because the hotel has more than 50 units, the developers are allowed to discount the parking space by 50 percent, meaning they only need to create 15 spaces for the restaurant and outdoor seating excess. 

Commission members had a small concern about whether the deduction method of calculating parking would lead to parking problems later.

“So [are] we comfortable with … deducting for outside, deducting for [the] conference room, deducting for Starbucks, deducting from all of this stuff,” commission member Lauren Taylor asked the other members. 

She was concerned that by “double dipping” too much, the commission would create a parking problem in the future. 

“There’s nowhere else down there to park,” she said. 

Chairwoman Pam Buckley said that it should not be a concern since there would be a parking space for all 137 units of the hotel. 

The members then began to discuss how guests of the hotel would makeup the majority of the rooftop bar, Starbucks and conference room users.  

“We are getting better with all of the Ubers, cabs … people don’t like to drive to go out to dinner anyway. We’re seeing a lot more of that,” Buckley said. 

The commission proceeded to vote unanimously to approve the site plan revisions. 

The Cambria Hotel, which will be located on 13 St. Louis Ave., is still under construction, but the development team said the project should be finished by April 2020. 

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