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(Jan. 11, 2019) A proposed site for a residential community near Ocean Pines received a favorable recommendation for water and sewer reclassification by the Worcester County Planning Commission last Thursday.

The proposed site is on two parcels of land spanning a vacant golf course, located from the northwest side of Beauchamp Road to northeast of the junction with Route 589, according to the proposal. The property was previously classified as S-6/W-6 (no planned service) and was requested to change to S-1/W-1 (within two years).

The joint applicants are River Run Developments Associates LLC., and Nichols-Neff Properties LLC, according to the proposal. 

The proposed residential subdivision would consist of 90 single-family homes.

The proposed development plans to have 90 equivalent dwelling units of public sewer from the River Run Sanitary Area, and 90 EDU’s of public water from the Ocean Pines Sanitary Area, according to the proposal.

The developer cited previously established sewer capacity from the November 2000 amendment for the Most Blessed Sacrament School on Route 589, according to the proposal. 

Zoning from the River Run and Ocean Pines planning areas were previously approved and zoned appropriately as an R-1 rural residential district, according to the proposal. 

“The project appears to be consistent with the comprehensive plan and existing zoning,” said Director of Environmental Programs Robert Mitchell. 

Planning commissioner Jay Knerr made the motion to issue a favorable recommendation for the water and sewer classification, which was seconded by Commission member Jay Barbierri.

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