26th street

Rendering of 26th Street project. 

(Oct. 4, 2019) Members of the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to approve site development plans for a 4,000-square-foot commercial shopping center on 26th Street. 

Commission member Peck Miller, who is involved in the project, abstained from the vote.

Planning Director Bill Neville said the shopping center was phase two of a master plan development project along 25th and 26th Streets. Phase one involved the construction of Fairfield Inn and a residential condominium. 

For the shopping center, 1,000 square feet would be dedicated for retail space, while the remaining 3,000 square feet would be used for restaurant development. 

While most of the site plan was good to go, Neville said State Highway officials and City Engineer Terry McGean shared concerns over the proximity of the parking lot entrance located on 26th Street and Philadelphia Avenue, and whether that would clog traffic at the intersection traffic light.

To remedy this issue, Neville said the entrance would be converted into a one-way exit. 

There were concerns about parking, as one member worried that residents of the condominium would overtake parking on the east side of the shopping center. 

However, Neville replied that most of those parking spaces were designed for residential, not commercial, use. 

In addition, Neville said the original design provided adequate parking for retail use, so parking should not pose an issue.

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Why aren’t grocery store included in new midtown projects? There are no grocery stores stores from 94th St. to the Food Lion in West Ocean city.

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