45th street

Planning and Zoning Commissioners approve site plans for a future retail development on 45th Street during Tuesday’s meeting.

(Oct. 4, 2019) Members of the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to proceed with site plans for a 45th Street retail development on Tuesday evening.

Planning Director Bill Neville said the retail store would be roughly 4,720 square feet, with configurations for restaurants to have outdoor dining areas.

One of the main topics of the night was parking.

Based on the square footage, the property would require around 351 parking spaces, but by working through the zoning codes, Neville said parking discounts could be applied.

Since the project is considered mixed-use. it would allow for a 20 percent reduction in bayside parking. Further reductions could be applied because of hotel accessory regulations.

The final provision used to reduce the parking requirement involves having an equal amount of indoor and outdoor restaurant dining space.

To do that, Neville said the applicant would take out portions of the proposed restaurant area, and open it up for outdoor seating.

Using those three provisions, Neville said the new parking space requirement would decrease to 258 spaces.

Still to be done are a review by the fire marshal’s office, which will be handled during the building permit application stage.

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