A knife, drugs, money and betrayal were the highlights of an arrest made on Aug. 10, following an attempted robbery of a bike rental employee. 

Police arrested Joseph Anthony Peifer, 19, of Prince Frederick, Maryland after he was accused of attempting to steal roughly $200 in bike rental fees from an employee’s fanny pack. 

Peifer reportedly reached into the employee’s fanny pack and grabbed the money. He attempted to run away, but another employee tackled him, the court document said. 

Police said the employee attempted to restrain the suspect, but Peifer pushed the employee off him, dropped the money and fled the scene. 

Police responded to the incident, which is when they met Domonic Dziekan, 21, of Pasadena, Maryland, who claimed to be Peifer’s cousin. 

The report said that Dziekan told police that Peifer had a tendency to disobey the law, and was involved in a hit-and-run and a DWI the previous night in Delaware. 

An officer asked Dziekan to call Peifer on his cellphone, and Dziekan complied with the request. 

The officer spoke with Peifer, and told him he needed to come back to the bike shop. Peifer refused until the officer told him that he would not arrest him. 

Peifer returned to the shop, and the officer arrested Peifer for robbery, second-degree assault and theft. 

Shortly after Peifer’s arrest, another officer was speaking with Dziekan when he noticed Dziekan was moving something around in his pocket. 

The officer reportedly asked Dziekan if had a weapon, and the suspect told the officer he had a knife. The officer seized the weapon, and found that it opened using a spring-assisted mechanism. 

The officer arrested Dziekan and searched his person. That produced a pill bottle containing 124 two-milligram Xanax bars, with no prescription. In addition, the officer found a bottle that contained cannabis residue. 

Dziekan faces charges of possession of a spring-assisted knife and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

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