Police Car Lights

Egging cars

Police arrested Selma Halilbegovic, 22, and Emir Kapetanovic, 20, of Ocean City last Thursday after a witness accused the pair of egging several cars. 

An officer reported responding to a call to the 10 block of 43rd Street for a report of malicious destruction of property. 

Police met with the witness, who told police she had seen a shirtless man wearing gym shorts and a woman wearing a black dress throwing eggs at cars.

The damage ranged from $500 to $999 per vehicle, police said.

Halilbegovic and Kapetanovic both face 10 charges of malicious destruction of property under $1,000. 

Farewell, teeth

Michael Allen Alampi, 46, of Ocean City, Maryland, found himself under police scrutiny after he was accused of knocking out another man’s teeth last Friday. 

According to the police report, an officer saw two men arguing around South First Street and Baltimore Avenue. 

An officer reported Alampi yelled, “I’m going to f*** you up,” to the other man, and attempted to confront him at least three times. 

The officer told Alampi to stop, but the suspect reportedly ignored the officer’s orders and walked away. 

During an interview, the man told police that he had been in the passenger seat of a taxi when Alampi approached the vehicle and punched him in the face. 

The victim said his taxi had been blocking the exit, which had angered the suspect. 

Police said the victim’s lower-two front teeth were missing. 

Police arrested Alampi, who faces one count of second-degree assault and disorderly conduct. 


Michael Shane Ross, 47, of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, faces multiple charges after police accused him of kicking an officer during an arrest last Saturday. 

An officer reported responding to a call about a man screaming on the 10 block of Somerset Street.

Upon arrival, the officer found Ross, who showed signs of being intoxicated. 

Ross reportedly refused EMS services, and could not remember which hotel he and his wife had booked. 

The officer reported calling his wife, who arrived to take Ross back to their hotel. 

As Ross and his wife walked east toward Baltimore Avenue, he began yelling incoherently. 

The officer arrested Ross for disorderly intoxication. 

While waiting for transport, Ross allegedly became agitated and started screaming again. 

Police said another officer told Ross to stop screaming, but the suspect ignored the officer’s order and kicked him in the back while screaming obscenities.

Ross faces charges for intoxicated endangerment, noise violation, failure to obey an officer’s order, and second-degree assault. 

The right thing to do

Despite claiming it was the “right thing to do,” Steven Craig Rusiewicz, 38, of Dagsboro, Delaware, found himself arrested by police after he reportedly ran around naked at an uptown gas station parking lot last Sunday. 

The complainant told police that she had been pumping gas when she saw Rusiewicz running through the parking lot without clothing.

Police found the suspect in the 100 block of 120th Street. 

The streaking suspect reportedly told police that he had consumed a combination of vodka and acid, before deciding to go on a run. 

Police reported that Rusiewicz said as he ran, he suddenly felt compelled to take off his clothing. 

Police arrested Rusiewicz, who faces one count of indecent exposure.

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