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Cameron G. Coke, 43, of Towson, faces a string of narcotics charges after his arrest in the inlet parking lot last Wednesday.

Police said Coke had parked in the inlet lot and had remained in his vehicle for approximately 20 minutes, during which his behavior caused police to check on his welfare. 

Police said they spotted a glass vial used to store cocaine on the console of his vehicle, and that Coke told them he was a “little high.” He also gave an officer the vial, stating, “It’s just a little coke,” according to court documents.

Police reported seeing a small amount of cocaine in the vial. 

An officer also saw Coke holding a blue and white capsule, which Coke said was “Scramble,” a colloquial term for a mixture of heroin and other substances. 

Police arrested Coke, who then admitted to having syringes in his truck. 

A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed two glass vials of cocaine, three generic Adderall pills, 10 pills that likely contained heroin and two heroin syringes, as well another vial of cocaine. 

Coke faces four counts of possession of controlled dangerous substance and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia. 


Police arrested Kimberly Leigh Micciche, 51, and Dana Rae Dukes, 54, of Ellendale, Delaware, for a traffic violation and possession of narcotics last Sunday.

Police reported they stopped a car driven by Micciche around 8:41 p.m. after seeing swerve out of the lane twice on Coastal Highway. 

After police asked Micciche to step out of the vehicle, they found a crack pipe on the floorboard, in Micciche’s purse and in the trunk of her vehicle, according to court documents. 

Police also reported a white, powdery substance covered the front driver’s side seat and floorboard, and also found crack cocaine nuggets littered in the vehicle. 

Micciche allegedly told police that the substance was indeed cocaine, and said all of the pipes inside of the vehicle belonged to her. 

Police also found a purse in one of the rear seats that contained another crack pipe. 

The purse belonged to Dukes, who allegedly confessed to police that the pipe was hers and that she had used it to smoke cocaine. 

Police arrested the two, who both face charges for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Micciche faces an additional fine for failing to obey designated lane directions. 


Police arrested Michael Jason Larock, 34, of Ocean City, after he was accused of assaulting his partner, and then later was found driving on a suspended license. 

On Jan. 10, around 1 a.m., police were dispatched to a St. Louis Avenue apartment unit for an assault. 

There, police found Larock attempting to leave the area, and ordered him to remain on the curb and detained the suspect in handcuffs. 

An officer then met with the alleged-victim, who told police that she and Larock had gotten into an argument after she discovered a $100 bill missing from her wallet. 

She told police that at one point, Larock grabbed her left wrist and bent it forward, and she told him she would call the police. 

While on the phone with police, she said she found a kitchen knife stabbed into the back of the sofa, the police report said. 

Police interviewed Larock, who reportedly gave police numerous, conflicting accounts of what occurred. 

Police arrested Larock for malicious destruction of property and second-degree assault. 

Later that evening, police encountered Larock again after seeing him driving a vehicle toward his apartment unit, even though his license had been revoked.

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