(June 1, 2018) Isaac Nick Koroma Jr., 19, of Gaithersburg was arrested and charged with four counts of armed robbery, three counts of robbery, three counts of first-degree assault, gun possession and theft up to $25,000 after he and two other suspects allegedly held up three victims in the 59th Street area of Coastal Highway shortly after midnight Sunday.

Three male victims told police they began talking to the other trio after leaving a nearby bar and were invited to tag along to another location.

According to police, while the two groups were in transit one of the robbers asked if anyone had change for a hundred. When one of the victims offered to honor the request, the men detoured to a secluded parking lot.

At that point, one of the men, later identified as Koroma, produced a semi-automatic handgun and demanded all three victims’ money, police said.

Claiming to be caught off guard, the robbery victims reportedly froze at first but said that Koroma cocked the weapon and repeated the demand.

The victims said the two other suspects then proceeded to remove their cash and wallets, all while being held at gunpoint. The suspects allegedly relieved the trio of about $3,000 in cash and credit cards.

After broadcasting the suspects’ description, police saw two men walking north on Coastal Highway near 60th Street, but they fled in opposite directions after seeing the police.

Police discovered Koroma lying under a parked vehicle on 72nd Street allegedly shoving $100 bills in the car frame.

The victims identified Koroma as the gunman, police said.

Police searched Koroma and reportedly found three $100 bills on his person and forensic services later processed the vehicle Koroma was hiding under and found $1,190 inside the frame.

Koroma, who is on probation in Maryland, allegedly tried to give police a false identity while being processed, but his true identity was confirmed through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s database.

Police are still searching for Koroma’s robbery cohorts.

Suspect one is described as a black male wearing a black T-shirt, vest and pants, with a snapback style hat with the word “Backwoods.”

The second suspect is described as a black male wearing a tight white T-shirt with a small black backpack.

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