Ocean City Police Commission meets to discuss issues such as road safety and Boardwalk conflicts. 

(Aug. 16, 2019) The following took place at the Ocean City Police Commission meeting on Monday. 

Pedestrian safety

Mayor Rick Meehan mentioned during the meeting that he was concerned about parking near the Route 50 Bridge.

Because of construction underway for a bicycle/pedestrian path, drivers have begun to park their cars on both sides of the road. 

Meehan said he notified the State Highway Administration with concerns about the potential safety hazard caused by the street parking. 

“Here we are promoting pedestrian safety … but we’re creating a situation where now people are going to be … crossing Route 50 in an area where there’s no signal, where it’s dark and where there’s no crosswalk,” Meehan said. 

Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro said he would discuss the issue with the state police department during their next meeting. 

Boardwalk scams

Former Lt. Mark Pacini updated the commission members about his work as a reserve officer on the Boardwalk. 

One of Pacini’s updates was about stores on the Boardwalk using deceptive advertising.

He said a few businesses on the Boardwalk would advertise sales and cheap prices on signs, but then charge customers much more money. 

For instance, a product advertised as $5 would be charged for $50. 

Pacini also mentioned a donation scheme. Around 13 Chinese tourists have been caught selling jewelry to people on the Boardwalk, claiming that the money would go toward a charitable cause. 

They did not have business licenses, or proper identification. 

These tourists have hit other cities in the United States, such as Las Vegas.

Pacini gave the group a letter written in Mandarin warning them that they would be taken into custody if they failed to obey the cease and desist order.

They left Ocean City last week, and should not be a problem in the future. 

False alarm appeal

A woman was fined $1,000 for false alarms coming from her home security system. 

The woman did not issue the alarms herself. She had been out of the country when a motion alarm in her home went off 13 times. 

She had the opportunity to appeal her fine, but did not come to the meeting, and the commission decided to take no action for her appeal.

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