Grand theft auto

Police arrested Michael James Barton, 34, of Greenwood, Delaware, after he was accused of stealing a blue 2019 Nissan Murano from a car rental company.

On Aug. 30, a detective broadcasted a lookout for a vehicle that the Philadelphia Police Department had listed as stolen. 

An officer, driving north on Coastal Highway, spotted the vehicle cruising south bound near 85th Street, but lost sight of it after making a turn at Pacific Avenue in an attempt to pursue. 

The officer later found the vehicle parked in a lot on 8203 Coastal Highway, and asked the driver, Barton, to step out of the vehicle. 

Upon searching the suspect, the officer found a knife in his pocket, the police report said. 

Ocean City police communications confirmed that the vehicle was stolen from Enterprise Rental Company. In addition, it found that Barton’s license had been suspended. 

Barton faces multiple charges including stealing a motor vehicle, theft, unauthorized removal of a motor vehicle and possession of a spring-loaded knife. 

Don’t touch the car

Like a kid forbidden to open his gifts before Christmas Day, but opens one anyway, Darren Thomas Goldsborough found the temptation of harassing police officers too good to resist, which resulted in his arrest on Aug. 31. 

According to the police report, officers were responding to a call at a 49th Street club when Goldsborough, 24, of Deale, Maryland, approached a police vehicle and attempted to open the driver’s-side door. 

After being reprimanded by police, Goldsborough stumbled toward an officer, who pushed Goldsborough to keep the suspect from falling on to him, according to the report. 

Goldsborough left the area after getting into a brief argument with the officer about being pushed and about touching his car. 

However, he came back and supposedly began to smack the driver-side rear quarter panel while chanting, “touching, touching,” police said. 

An officer arrested Goldsborough, and searched his person. 

The officer found a cigarette pack that contained a red straw with white residue, and later found a bag filled with a white powdery substance. 

Police said the substance was cocaine, and charged Goldsborough with intoxicated endangerment, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with a motor vehicle. 

Fight club

Police officers had their hands full Saturday, Aug. 31, after a trio was spotted fighting in front of an ice-cream parlor on 49 Street. 

According to a police report, an officer near the area saw Daniel E. Japa, 29, of Haddon Township, New Jersey, Cory Gordon Hathaway, 21, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Amy E. Robinson, 25, of Barrington, New Jersey, throwing punches at each other.

The officer arrested Japa first, who complied with the officer’s orders. Security staff from a nearby bar helped secure Japa on the ground as the officer dealt with the other suspects. 

Hathaway was next, and was apparently not as compliant as Japa, an officer said. The officer had to grab Hathaway’s shoulder and put him on the ground into a prone position. 

Robinson was reportedly the least compliant. An officer attempted to grab her wrist and place her under arrest, but she broke free and began to flee, police said. The officer incapacitated Robinson using a Taser. 

Police reported that Japa was bleeding from his mouth and that Robinson had blood on her face as well as a cut in her right palm. 

All three face charges of disorderly conduct and affray, and Robinson faces an additional charge of resisting and interfering with an arrest. 

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