Pop-up car rally

Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro said the Maryland State Police plan to be on call to help out if things get out of hand during the pop-up car rally in September.

(March 19, 2021) Ocean City Police are gearing up for two events that have shaken the resort in recent years by creating a partnership with State Police in case things get out of control this year.

During the Police Commission meeting on Monday, Chief Ross Buzzuro said a “significant meeting” with State Police would take place next week, in which the two law enforcement agencies will discuss the September pop-up car rally and college crowds in June.

“We’ve spoken to state police and will continue to do so,” he said. “We got commitments from them that they will help when needed.”

Traditionally, Ocean City sees an increase in crime starting in June. The younger and more energetic crowd typically seems to bring a criminally inclined element that attracts the men in blue.

In June last year, an altercation involving several people resulted in one person getting stabbed near the Boardwalk. The next day, on June 8, several teenagers took over the road at 11th Street and climbed on top of a vehicle in protest.

In addition to the events in June, a pop-up car rally in September dubbed H2O has only grown over the years and brings with it what most residents and busines operators consider to be rowdy and reckless automobile and motorcycle gatherings where people show off their cars, rev their engines and perform burnouts.

The police have struggled to tame the raucous behavior that came with both events and are now doing everything in their power to be ready for events to unfold this year.

Unlike last year, Mayor Rick Meehan said, the Boardwalk trams will be operating, allowing the city to clear out areas of the Boardwalk and keep people moving.

Councilman Peter Buas requested that a member of the Public Works department be involved in planning for June and the pop-up rally.

Particularly, he said the public works official can bring in ideas about additional signs, trash from the events and hot spots, with communication between all divisions being key.

Buas also questioned whether there was enough time to get a plan in place, seeing June is just a little more than two months away.

While the involvement of other departments will be necessary, Buzzuro stressed the importance of having other law enforcement agencies like the State Police on hand to assist.

“We’ll have that partnership going strong this summer,” he said.

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Interesting.... so no one wants to have a meeting with the worecester county sheriff, only the state police...... eliminate the worcester couhty sheriff before he gets a 30% raise, 18 new vehicles and 10 new fulltime positions for his cousins !!!!!

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