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Lt. Glen McIntyre displays uniform options which will be streamlined to cut costs, while Sgt. Joe Bushnell listens, during the Police Commission meeting on Monday.

(March 15, 2019) By limiting color options and finding a new vendor, the Ocean City Police Department could trim thousands of dollars from its annual uniform budget, Lt. Glen McIntyre told the Police Commission meeting on Monday.

“I found out we were spending an inordinate amount of money in regard to uniforms because we’re carrying multiple lines,” he said.

With varying apparel options for patrol officers on foot or bicycle, McIntyre estimated outfitting each officer costs approximately $4,500.

“That was kind of shocking … because I don’t think we ever looked at it in that regard,” he said. “We stepped back for a minute and started to look at how we could synch this stuff up.”

McIntyre said the color palate became cluttered years ago when the department switched from gray and white attire to midnight navy blue uniforms.

“When we did that … there wasn’t a lot of forethought on our part with regards to the bike uniforms,” he said. “The midnight navy was a good thing, but we were already doing the royal blue and black bike uniforms.”

Over the last few years, officers working the south end of town, either on foot or bike, have been wearing the black pants and a bike shirt, McIntyre said.

“We’re going to start to transition to the black on black with the regular patrol uniform so that we can wear the combination with things like the bike shirt or bike jacket,” he said. “That eliminates extra winter jackets.”

Additionally, McIntyre said the department found improved pricing with uniform vendor Flying Cross.

“Flying Cross has been around for [about] 118 years [and] have been doing military contracts for as long as any of us have been around,” he said. “We’re looking at saving about 70 percent overall cost per bike shirt, which is going to save us a boatload of money.”

The clothing transition will use mostly stock already on hand, with the principal purchase limited to pants, which eliminates any associated funding requests, McIntyre said.

“Top to bottom, we’re figuring … to save somewhere in the area of 30 percent on our overall uniform budget,” he said. “We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars.”

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