(July 21, 2017) Ocean City Police Tasered and arrested a man for resisting arrest after his wife was reportedly struck by a Boardwalk tram last night.

Transit Manager Mark Rickards said the tram was turning the corner where the ramp leading to the inlet fishing pier connects with the concrete bump-out around 7 p.m., according to incident reports. Conductors said they saw Christopher and Lydia Campbell, of Blossburg, Pennsylvania, nearby, facing away from the tram.

"The conductor yelled out, 'watch the tram please.' ...the woman took a step back, hit the tram, and fell down," Rickards said, reading from the incident report.

At that time, Ocean City police officers and Maryland State Police troopers went to the accident, when onlookers told them that 29-year-old Christopher Campbell was being belligerent.

Campbell was standing behind his wife, who was sitting on the ground near the tram. He reportedly was shouting and cursing at the tram passengers. OFC Shawn Lindsey reported that Campbell was “actively trying to start a fight with one of tram caboose observers.”

When told that OCPD would investigate the accident and to calm down, Campbell reportedly started screaming obscenities at the tram driver. Lydia Campbell told her husband to calm down, and that the police would investigate the crash, according to the police report.

Police said they could smell alcohol on the breath of both Campbells.

Lindsey said that he told Campbell to calm down three more times, but Campbell continued to shout and to ask why no one was investigating the crash. Campbell also refused to hand over his wife’s identification, because he “didn’t trust the…cops,” according to the report.

When Campbell continued screaming obscenities, Ocean City Police attempted to arrest him. He reportedly refused to comply, and grabbed the Boardwalk railing for additional support.

Two Ocean City Police officers then grabbed Campbell’s arms to handcuff him, and told him to get on the ground and put his hands behind his back. When Campbell refused, Ocean City Police officers aimed a Taser at his abdomen and warned him repeatedly they would Taser him if he did not comply.

Police said Campbell continued to struggle, so Ocean City Police fired the Taser.

He continued to fight, however, and police struck him with the Taser a second time, according to the police report.

Ocean City EMS arrived, but Lydia Campbell refused treatment. Paramedics treated Christopher Campbell for Taser-related injuries, according to the tram incident report.

Christopher Campbell was charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and possession of a spring-assist knife. His trial date is set for Sept. 11.




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