Bar brawl

Two New York men and two women were arrested on Sept. 16 after allegedly attacking employees at a nightclub on 49th Street after being asked to leave.

Around 6:36 p.m., Mark Lunde, 59, of Chester, New York and a group of friends were asked to leave due to disorderly behavior. Lunde apparently argued with staff, but then he and his group began to leave. At that point, the group started fighting with bouncers.

Surveillance footage shows Lunde attempting to punch a bouncer. At that point, his nephew, Dylan Lunde, 26, of Patchogue, New York, joined the fray. Dylan Lunde, who is a police officer in Queens, reportedly punched a bouncer in the face.

Footage also shows Nancy Zimmer, 50, of Islip, New York kicking a security guard in the fight and Deanna L. Walters, 38, of Cornwall, New York pushing another staff member in an attempt to free her friends.

The manager later showed police a spring-assisted knife and a large knife that were confiscated from Dylan Lunde and Zimmer, respectively.

All suspects were charged with second-degree assault, although Mark Lunde, Dylan Lunde and Walters earned two charges each.

The Lundes and Zimmer were also charged with disorderly conduct. In addition, Dylan Lunde is charged with possession of a spring-assisted knife while Zimmer is charged with concealing a dangerous weapon.

Biking on boards

Joshua R. Hale, 40, of Salisbury, was arrested after he allegedly rode his bicycle on the Boardwalk, and ignored and evaded officers late on Sept. 22.

Around 8:33 p.m. Hale reportedly was riding his bike on the Boardwalk near North Division Street at high speeds. When police told him that he could not ride the bike in that area because of Sunfest, Hale became aggressive and shouted obscenities.

When told if he did not cease his behavior, he would face arrest Hale quickly left the area. According to police reports, he almost struck several people.

After police cruisers followed Hale to 14th Street, he was arrested. Hale is charged with disorderly conduct, failure to obey a police officer, and attempting to elude police in an official police vehicle.

Change theft

Ocean City Police arrested a Salisbury man for allegedly attempting to break into a dozen cars parked along 79th Street on Sept. 23.

A witness said she saw a man, later identified as Terrill A. Pitts, 47, tampering with several vehicles around 5 a.m. Pitts was seen looking into cars and pulling on door handles, according to police reports.

Pitts reportedly had a large amount of loose coin change in his possession when officers searched him. He also allegedly has a reputation of breaking into vehicles to steal coins, police said.

Pitts was charged with 10 counts of rogue and vagabond and 14 counts of theft less than $100.

Indecent exposure

Christopher G. Maravillas, 24, of Stevensville, Maryland was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a couple in a midtown hotel in the late hours of Sept. 23.

Maravillas allegedly walked into a hotel room, which was occupied by two people. He then pulled his pants down and told a woman to “help [him] out, just touch it,” according to reports. When the woman’s husband told Maravillas to leave, he allegedly kicked the man in the chest and ran away.

Maravillas also pushed and bit a hotel security guard while yelling and screaming, according to police reports. He was also charged with two counts of second-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Domestic violence

Jason M. Willey, 30, of Rehoboth Beach, was arrested after allegedly punching his girlfriend multiple times in the face on Sept. 25.

Officers were called to 94th Street, where they found a woman in a hotel parking garage with facial injuries. She reportedly had blood on her shirt and her left eye was swollen shut.

A witness said Willey argued with the woman while they were walking from the beach. The woman then tripped over a rope fence and fell on the ground. Willey allegedly stood over her and punched her. He was charged with second-degree assault.



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