Riding with shotgun

Ocean City Police arrested a Berlin man for a suspected parole violation after he was spotted at a known open-air heroin market in Selbyville last Wednesday.

Around 9:09 p.m., undercover officers reported that a white Toyota RAV was headed back to Ocean City after leaving Polly Branch Road, a drug market known to various agencies.

The car, driven by Brandon C. Littleton, 21, was seen on 143rd Street. An anonymous caller told police that Littleton was forbidden to leave Maryland as a condition of his parole.

Littleton drove to a condo on 123rd Street, and after he went inside, police looked inside the car. Officers saw a shotgun shell and beer cans in the front seat, and a Beretta Outlander shotgun in the back, according to reports.

The conditions of Littleton’s parole also prohibit him from having a firearm. He later told police that he was hunting deer in Delaware. Police, however, said the shells in the car “are not the type to be used on deer.”

Littleton was charged with possession of a shotgun after being convicted of a felony and illegal possession of ammunition.

Drug arrests

Ocean City police arrested two men after they found a substantial quantity of drugs in the car they were driving erratically on Coastal Highway last Friday.

Around 2:37 a.m., officers on patrol reportedly saw an Acura driving south on Coastal Highway near 59th Street almost strike the median and construction barrels. Earlier, the car had crossed diagonally.

The driver, Maxamillion A. Vickers, 24, of Fenwick Island, reportedly had bloodshot eyes and spoke with slurred speech. He also failed sobriety tests.

When police searched Vickers, they found 18 Zip-lock bags of a white powdery substance thought to be cocaine and nine Xanax pills. Police also found a rolled-up $5 bill with cocaine residue on it and $286 in small bills.

The passenger, Marwan W. Saleh, 22, of Ocean City, had two bags with cocaine and methamphetamine In the Acura, police found two scales, one of which that had cocaine residue on it, and 70 empty bags.

Vickers is charged with two counts of possession with intent to distribute, driving while under the influence of alcohol, negligent driving and various other charges and traffic citations.

Saleh is charged with two counts of drug possession.

Second-degree assault

Colin M. Wagner, 29, of Dagsboro, Delaware was arrested  in a nightclub on 60th Street on Sunday.

Around midnight, Wagner was told to leave. When an officer arrived, he allegedly grabbed his arm. Wagner is charged with second-degree assault of a police officer.

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