Fall from tree stand

A 63-year-old man was airlifted to Peninsula Regional Medical Center after he fell 20 feet from a homemade tree stand on Oct. 18.

Joseph Patrick Hughes of Essex, Maryland, was checking his stand in the Chesapeake Forest Lands around 7 p.m. when one of the wooden steps pulled away from the tree and he fell, according to Natural Resources Police.

Members of the hunting club heard Hughes’s calls for help, and drove him to the Stockton Fire Department. After he was assisted by Snow Hill rescue crews, a Maryland State Police helicopter flew him to the hospital for possible back and neck injuries.


Ocean City Police arrested a 44-year-old man for drunk driving after he allegedly evaded police early last Friday morning.

An officer on patrol noticed a Ford F-250, operated by Joshua G. Moran, of Millville, Delaware, headed north on Coastal Highway near 100th Street with no headlights on.

Police said the truck increased its distance from the patrol car, which was driving around 60 mph. The truck also changed lanes quickly and swerved repeatedly, according to the report.

The truck turned on 139th Street, and drove completely over a sidewalk and parking dividers of a nearby hotel until it was in the parking lot.

When police did catch up to Moran, they reportedly could smell alcohol on him. Police also said Moran spoke with slurred speech and refused to take field sobriety tests.

Moran is charged with driving under the influence, driving while impaired, negligent driving, driving on a sidewalk and other traffic offenses.


A Millsboro, Delaware man was arrested after police reportedly found 100 bags of suspected heroin in his car while he was driving on Coastal Highway last Saturday.

Around 2:05 a.m., police stopped a 2003 Nissan Altima for driving the wrong way on 33rd Street, a one-way street. When police spoke to the driver, Delane Jacobs, 30, they reportedly saw a bag of marijuana on the passenger seat.

A search of the car also uncovered a large bag containing at least 100 Baggies on the driver’s side. Each bag contained an off-white substance. Some bags were stamped “Nightmare” and others were stamped “RALO,” police said.

Jacobs is a known drug dealer in Maryland and Delaware, according to police. He is charged with heroin possession with intent to distribute and heroin possession.

Domestic violence

Jerry L. Cochran, 55, of Ocean City, was charged with second-degree assault after he allegedly hit his wife in the face last Sunday.

Police were called to Cochran’s residence around 12:06 a.m. and found his wife sitting on the front steps. Her right eye was swollen shut, according to reports.

She told police that Cochran had accused her of cheating, and when he found a phone number on a piece of paper in her purse, he punched her.

After the assault, Cochran allegedly took her cell phone, keys, and her wallet and left the residence.

The victim was later diagnosed at a hospital with a facial fracture, according to police.

Cochran is also charged with theft of $200, which was in his wife’s wallet.

Hotel fight

Two women were arrested after they struck each other in front of police early last Sunday morning.

Police were called to a hotel on Baltimore Avenue near 26th Street by Kenya L. Ballard, 36, of Hebron, Maryland. She told them that her cousin, Syretta Copeland, 27, of Salisbury had kicked her out of the hotel room.

When police tried to help Ballard retrieve her belongings from the room, she allegedly pushed her way into the room and pushed Copeland in the chest.

The two began screaming at each other and started to wrestle until an officer separated them, according to reports. Ballard allegedly smacked an officer so she could continue the fight.

The women were charged with second-degree assault, assault of an officer, disorderly conduct and failure to obey a lawful order. Ballard was also charged with breaking and entering.

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