Hitting a horse

Da’John Pittman, 20, of Hurlock, Maryland was charged with interfering with police animals on Sept. 30.

Pittman allegedly slapped Tucker, an Ocean City Police horse, on his rear leg, when police were trying to disperse a rowdy crowd around 32nd Street and Coastal Highway around 10:20 p.m.

Inciting burnouts

At least six men were arrested last weekend after allegedly encouraging H2Oi drivers to drive recklessly on Ocean City’s roads.

On Sept. 28, police arrested Servio J. Pinto, 22, of Abington, Pennsylvania after he allegedly yelled at drivers with a megaphone at the traffic signal on 33rd Street around 9 p.m.

At one point, Pinto approached a woman in a car stopped a red light and screamed instructions on how to burn out, according to reports.

Tyler Garrity, 20, of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and Daniel Ortiz, 19, of Ridgefield, New Jersey, were also arrested that night at 56th Street. The pair also shouted at drivers with a megaphone.

Stephen Carney IV, 19, of Blenhiem, New Jersey and Tyler P. Perez, 19, of Turnersville, New Jersey were seen standing in the middle of the street near 57th Street and yelling at drivers on Sept. 29. They reportedly called those who did not burn out derogatory names. Traffic backed up while Carney and Perez stood in the middle of the street, according to charging documents.

Jose Alvarez, 24, of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania was also arrested that night after he was seen screaming into a megaphone on the corner of 33rd Street.

All men were charged with disorderly conduct, and Garrity and Servio were charged with possession of an open alcoholic beverage.

Assaulting police

Demetri Grigsby, 23, of Hampton, Virginia was arrested after he assaulted a Maryland State Police trooper, dislocating his shoulder on Oct. 1.

The trooper stopped Grigsby around 2 a.m. because he was reportedly standing in the bus lane on 49th Street, encouraging drivers to spin their tires.

Grigsby reportedly ignored the trooper when he told him to stop, and started screaming at him.

Grigsby fought the trooper, injuring his shoulder. He stopped struggling when another officer threatened to deploy his Taser. Grigsby was charged with second-degree assault, intentionally causing injury to a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The trooper was treated by EMS on the scene.

Parked on beach

Kenneth L. Welch, 57, of Delmar was arrested after he allegedly tried to drive while drunk on Sept. 28.

Ocean City Police said that Welch had parked his Mazda truck on the beach on 68th Street around 5 p.m. and was visibly intoxicated. Officers could smell the odor of alcohol on him when they questioned him. He blew a .25 on a breathalyzer, according to reports.

Domestic dispute

Rhonda Strassle, 43, of Clementon, New Jersey was charged with second-degree assault after she allegedly attacked her mother’s boyfriend at an uptown hotel on Sept. 29.

The two reportedly started arguing around 8:22 p.m. when Strassle was angry that the man would not drive her to a bar. Strassle allegedly grabbed him by the throat.

When police arrived, they saw the man had red marks on his neck.

Replica weapon possession

Ocean City Police arrested a Berlin man after he allegedly showed people a replica firearm on a midtown street in the late hours of Sept. 29.

Plainclothes cops saw Justin Z. Hess, 31, pull a gun from his waistband after a slight altercation with a man on Trimper Avenue. After everyone in the area fled, Hess got into his Dodge truck and drove south, according to police reports.

Police stopped the truck near 33rd Street and arrested Hess. Officers found the gun, which was a replica, and a cup of beer where Hess was sitting.

He was charged with disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, possession of a gun replica and open container of alcohol.

DUI arrest

Bryan Ramirez-Felipe, 20, of Georgetown, Delaware was charged with driving under the influence after he backed into another car on 32nd Street and Coastal Highway.

Police said that Ramirez-Felipe struck another car’s rear door with his BMW. Ramirez-Felipe reportedly smelled like alcohol and blew a .13 on a breathalyzer.

Gun in car

Ocean City Police arrested a 26-year-old man after finding a semi-automatic handgun in his car during a traffic stop on Sept. 30.

Officers stopped a Lincoln MKX driven by Arkeen Adkins of Millsboro, Delaware near 26th Street for playing his radio too loud. Adkins, who had been recently released from the Delaware Department of Corrections, was driving without a license.

Police reported seeing what turned out to be a loaded 9mm handgun lying on the driver’s side floor. A bundle of 10 baggies of suspected heroin were later found in the car.

Adkins is charged with transportation of a handgun, possession of heroin and various other weapons charges.


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