Domestic dispute


A couple was arrested after a domestic dispute at a downtown hotel around 3 a.m. on Oct. 7.

Police said Michael E. Oneill, 25, and Brianna Mose, 19, of Hagerstown, had gotten into an argument that night. Mose had a bruise around her right eye, and reportedly smelled like alcohol.

Mose told police that Oneill punched her in the face, while he told officers that she punched him in the mouth.

When both were arrested and taken into custody, Oneill reportedly punched several items in his holding cell. He allegedly broke an intercom valued less than $1,000.

He also reportedly threatened to come back and burn the building to the ground.

Mose and Oneill were both charged with second-degree assault. Oneill is also charged with threatening to burn down the Public Safety building and malicious destruction of property.


Fast and furious


Tyler Davis, 26, of Salisbury was arrested after he led Ocean City Police on a car chase throughout midtown around 5 p.m. on Oct. 7.

Police tried to stop Davis, who was driving a Chevrolet truck, after he was reportedly spinning his wheels generating smoke while he was attempting to parallel park on Baltimore Avenue.

When he saw an officer approach him, Davis then reportedly accelerated north on Philadelphia Avenue, nearly hitting another car, according to reports. Davis then turned onto 32nd Street and used the bus lane to evade police.

Officers finally caught up with Davis after he parked on 38th Street. He denied fleeing from law enforcement.

Davis was charged with fleeing and eluding, spinning wheels, and other traffic citations.


Do a burn out


Michael A. Poinelli, 31, of Falls Church, Virginia was arrested after he allegedly threw water in the street to encourage Endless Summer Cruisin’ cars to burn out on Oct. 7.

Around 8:46 p.m., an officer saw Poinelli standing in the bus lane of Coastal Highway near 110th Street with a trash can. He was reportedly swinging his arms in a circular motion and yelling. Shortly afterwards, a car spun its tires in Poinelli’s direction, according to reports.

Poinelli later told police that he was using a hotel’s water supply to fill up the trashcan with water, which he would then dump onto the road.

Poinelli was charged with disorderly conduct and other traffic-related charges.


Jaywalking drunk


Jack E. O’Connell, 20, of Greensboro, Maryland was arrested after officers saw him jaywalk across Philadelphia Avenue near 15th Street on Oct. 8.

Around 1:20 a.m., officers saw O’Connell run in front of oncoming traffic. When O’Connell was stopped around 14th Street, he had a clear water bottle with a dark-colored liquid in it. O’Connell told police that it was whiskey.

He was charged with intoxicated endangerment and possession of an open container.


Gun charges


Ocean City Police arrested a Houston, Delaware man after they found a gun in his car in the early hours of Oct. 8.

Officers stopped a Chevy Impala, driven by Cameron Squier, 22, on Fourth Street after they noticed it blaring loud music, according to reports. When they spoke to Squier, officers allegedly saw a handgun on the floor.

Officers found an unloaded gun equipped with a magazine. A spring-assisted knife was also found.

Squier is charged with transport of a handgun in a vehicle, carrying a handgun on his person and possession of a knife.

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