Dirt bike violation

Worcester County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Public Landing Road and McCabes Corner Road in Snow Hill to investigate reports of dirt bikes being ridden in the roadway.

A deputy saw two people on dirt bikes and attempted to stop them. The operators fled, with Dantwyne Taylor, 33, of Salisbury heading west and eventually into a cornfield. He was later found walking on Route 113.

Taylor was arrested and charged with fleeing and eluding, and was held on $5,000 bond. Deputies did not locate the other operator.

Attack at Boardwalk shop

Ocean City Police arrested Bryan M. Driggers, 27 and Brian Sutton, 27, both of Alexandria, Virginia after both allegedly harassed two Boardwalk shop workers early last Friday morning.

After the two argued over the price of three rings at a shop on South Division Street, Sutton knocked over a $200 display case, according to police. Driggers allegedly threw a punch at the clerk.

Sutton also allegedly knocked down another employee, before being knocked down himself by a clerk.

Both men were charged with disorderly conduct, second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property.


Police charged two visitors after fighting in public near 26th Street and Baltimore Avenue last Saturday.

Around 10:06 p.m., patrol officers were told that Nelson J. Lopez, 26, of Bladensburg, Maryland and Jorge Hurtado, 24, of Suitland, Maryland were fighting in the street and blocking traffic. When police arrived, Hurtado was screaming obscenities and a woman was restraining Lopez on the hood of a 2007 Pontiac sedan, according to the report.

Lopez told police that Hurtado lunged at him.

Hurtado and Lopez were charged with disorderly conduct and affray. Lopez was charged with intoxicated endangerment of the car and Hurtado was charged with second-degree assault.


A traffic stop for reckless driving led Ocean City Police to arrest Marcell Martin, 18, of Westminster, Maryland with marijuana possession and the intent to sell.

Last Friday around 5:38 a.m. police reportedly saw a Mercury Stable, driven by Kyle Murren-Sanders, 18, of Westminster, Maryland, go between the lanes on Coastal Highway.

Police pulled the car over on 59th Street. A search of the vehicle produced a small bag of marijuana inside a book bag and $3,140 in cash.

Martin told police the book bag was his.

Police also found brass knuckles in the center console and .44 caliber ammunition throughout the car.

Martin was charged with procession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana more than 10 grams and possession of ammunition, in addition to possession with the intent to sell.

Murren-Sanders was charged with possession of a martial arts weapon.

Stealing golf cart

Corlos Diaz-Manjano, 24, of Hyattsville, Maryland was arrested after he allegedly crashed a stolen hotel golf cart into a parked car around 7 p.m. last Saturday.

Witnesses told police they saw Diaz-Manjano steal the golf cart, which was parked and left running. Surveillance footage showed him driving the golf cart on the Boardwalk on 27th Street.

Witnesses also said that he drove the golf cart onto the sidewalk and into a Ford Explorer parked in the 10th block of 27th Street.

After he failed a field sobriety test, Diaz-Manjano was arrested. He is charged with stealing the golf cart, making a false statement and various theft charges.

Stealing car

Ocean City Police arrested a man who allegedly stole a 2016 Hyundai Sonata in Philadelphia on Monday around 1 a.m.

After the license plate reader on the Route 90 bridge alerted police of a stolen vehicle, they stopped Dupree Phillips, 25, of Frankford, Delaware on 64th Street. Phillips told police that his sister had rented the vehicle and allowed him to borrow it.

Passengers in the car told police that Phillips had driven the vehicle for more than a month without his sister’s knowledge.

In a separate interview, Phillip’s sister told police that she did not rent the Hyundai.

Phillips then told police that he bought the car for two months for $575.

Police confirmed that vehicle reported stolen from a lot in Philadelphia a month earlier. Phillips was charged with theft between $10,000 to $100,000, making a false statement, and other theft charges.

Car theft

Bridget T. Dahlen, 28, of Wakefield, Massachusetts was arrested for allegedly stealing a Volkswagen Jetta last Sunday.

Police were tipped off to the theft after the license plate reader showed a stolen car crossing over the Route 50 bridge around 1:43 a.m. Police spotted a car matching the description headed north on Baltimore Avenue and then parking near 17th Street. Police found Dahlen sitting in the driver’s seat.

Dahlen told police she had borrowed the car from her boyfriend, whom she struggled to name. She said they drove the car to South Carolina, and then she took the car after they argued.

She was arrested for possession a stolen car and theft between $10,000 to $100,000.

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