Police/Courts 01/05/2018


Celebration victim

Jeffrey S. Tomlin, 53, of Fort Elizabeth, New Jersey was arrested on New Year’s Eve at approximately 8:31 p.m. after police responded to reports of a person passed out on the sidewalk at Wicomico Street and Philadelphia Avenue.

Officers at the scene reportedly discovered Tomlin on the sidewalk in the 200 block of Wicomico Street appearing to be heavily intoxicated.

EMS responders joined police at the scene and allegedly had to assist Tomlin into an ambulance for treatment.

Police reported that Tomlin became combative inside the ambulance while refusing to provide identification.

Police then allegedly removed Tomlin from the ambulance and continued to seek his identity.

According to police at this point Tomlin cursed at officers while claiming they would do nothing.

After this, Tomlin allegedly informed officers he was going to urinate and, despite being advised against the action, proceeded to make good on the pledge, at which point he was arrested.

Intoxicated endangerment

Scott Alan Bryant, 61, of Ocean City, was arrested for intoxicated endangerment on New Year’s Eve at approximately 7:49 p.m. after police responded to reports of a disorderly person at the south end transit center on 100 South Division Street.

Officers on the scene allegedly discovered Bryant lying in the road and appearing to be heavily intoxicated.

When asked why he was in the road, police said Bryant attempted to stand multiple times but failed to maintain his balance.

After attempting to gather his belongings, which were scattered about the roadway, police officials said Bryant continued to fall and was subsequently placed under arrest.

DUI arrest

Scout K. Williamson, 24, of Selbyville was arrested for DUI, driving on a sidewalk, negligent driving and trespassing on Dec. 28 at approximately 1:45 a.m.

Police responded to reports from a bar in the vicinity of 116th Street about a patron, later identified as Williamson, who allegedly drove a Chevy pickup trick along the sidewalk after being asked to leave the establishment.

When police stopped his vehicle in the 100 block of Jamestown Road, Williamson reportedly immediately exited the truck and began walking away from the scene.

According to the police report Williamson obeyed instructions to return to his vehicle and allegedly had a strong smell of alcohol.

When asked how much alcohol he consumed, police said Williamson repeatedly changed the answer from between one to three beverages and subsequently failed roadside sobriety tests.

Police said Williamson agreed to a Breathalyzer test that registered a .23 blood alcohol content.

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