Worcester County

(Aug. 9, 2019) The public will have the opportunity to ask questions or express concerns about the proposed Evergreen Village Residential Planned Community (RPC) which would be built north of Ocean Pines.

During their Tuesday meeting, the Worcester County Commissioners approved a motion to hold a public hearing regarding Evergreen Village on Tuesday, Sept. 3. The property will consist of a 90-lot single-family dwelling subdivision north of Route 589 and on the northwest side of Beauchamp Road.

The property is surrounded by Ocean Pines, the River Run subdivision and golf course and the St. John Neumann School and church.

According to the concept plan introduced at an early July Worcester County Planning Commission meeting, the River Run Sewer Treatment Plan will provide sewer service and Ocean Pines service area facilities will provide water. 

A report written by Land Planner Robert Hand, of R.D. Hand and Associates Inc., states that “Evergreen Village will be an infill development and compliment the neighborhood.” Construction could start in fall 2020. 

The planning commission gave a favorable recommendation to the project on July 3. 

However, members of the planning commission did cite safety concerns about pedestrians and bikers in the Evergreen Village area. 

During the planning commission meeting, Attorney Hugh Cropper IV, representing Evergreen LLC, said he would take those concerns into consideration and address them. 

The public hearing will take place in room 1101 at the Worcester County Government Center at 1 West Market St. in Snow Hill. 

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