(Oct. 5, 2018) The Second Street Public Works building is finally in the works … for next year, after Ocean City Council on Monday discussed bid evaluations and went on to approve the next step.

Ocean City Public Works Director Hal Adkins and Dan Dashiell, senior project manager, contracted with Westminster-based Morgan Design Group earlier this year to develop plans for a roughly 19,500-square-foot building with 31 parking spaces on a 35,500-square-foot lot on St. Louis Avenue, between Second and Third streets, that the city acquired last year for parking.

Earlier in the year, Adkins noted the original bidding options would be far more expensive than the city needed to pay.

To remedy the pricing concern, Adkins suggested restructuring the project bid documents to create a design-build bid, which had been approved.

The design stuck with the original floor plan, while giving the bidder flexibility to put together a submission, allowing for lower prices.

Now, the total project cost for the 2nd Street Public Works Complex is $3.8 million, including the fire pump and the Delmarva Power transformer and primary cabling costs. A bond issue in 2018 included funds for this capital project and has $2.9 million remaining, leaving $894,923 to be financed.

The facility will be constructed by Delmarva Veteran Builders, who were the low bid winners at $3,775,000. The development will take 425 days to complete.

“I’m excited about where this is going,” Adkins told the council.

In January, Adkins estimated delaying the project until after summer would allow the city to collect an estimated $35,000 in parking revenue at the Second Street location. He has recommended waiting another summer season to go forward with construction for similar reasons.

The council voted unanimously for the motion to be approved.

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