New guidelines to impose harsher penalties regarding kids’ unexcused absences

(May 31, 2019) The Worcester County Board of Education last Wednesday approved a revised attendance guideline that imposes harsher penalties for unexcused absences.

“Inasmuch as there is a direct relationship between attendance and grades, this policy is intended to instill in the school youth of this county the importance of regular and punctual school attendance as a prelude to success in post-school pursuits,” the policy stated. 

Students at school for four or more hours would be considered present all day, according to the amended policy. Those who are at school for more than two hours, but less than four would be counted as a half-day. Anyone who is at school for less than two hours would be marked absent. 

Additionally, the policy would reportedly give an incomplete grade to a student for five “unlawful” absences in a class in a given semester.

Those who receive an incomplete grade for missed work need to make up the assignments “within five school days following the last day of the marking period, unless [there are] extenuating circumstances as determined by the principal.”

If a student receives an incomplete grade during the fourth marking period, the policy he or she needs to make up the work by June 30, according to the policy.

Board member Elena J McComas moved to approve the amended policy, and Board member William E Buchanan seconded it.

Board member Eric W. Cropper Sr. was not present during Wednesday’s meeting.

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