Criminal Justice

(July 13, 2018) Stephen Decatur High School football coach Ernest Shockley was acquitted this week of a second-degree assault charge made against him by a Worcester County fire marshal last fall.

On Oct. 13, 2017, following the Homecoming game, players apparently engaged in a locker room brawl. It was during the course of breaking up the fight between the students that the adults got involved.

According to the charging documents, Robert Kord, Worcester County fire marshal, and Robert Rhode, third assistant chief of the Berlin Fire Company, heard sounds of a fight coming from the locker room and went to investigate.

Kord alleged that once he was inside the locker room, he was assaulted by Shockley, who maintained he was the one who broke up the fight between the players.

The charging documents noted Kord said he was punched in the face several times, causing his lip to bleed, and showed marks on his neck. The documents do not name the assailant.

Rhode corroborated Kord’s account.

The judge, however, saw it differently, and granted a motion for acquittal by defense attorney Pete Wimbrow at the conclusion of the state’s case on Tuesday.

“Justice was served,” Wimbrow said.

Wimbrow revealed he and Shockley discussed additional action following the ruling.

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