Sea Oaks

The Sea Oaks Village Residential Planned Community, a proposed 60-lot subdivision, will be located north of Sinepuxent Road on the west side of Stephen Decatur Highway in West Ocean City.

Worcester County Planning Commission will give final subdivision plan approval   

(Sept. 13, 2019) The Sea Oaks residential planned community cleared the third stage of preliminary plat approval through the Worcester County Planning Commission on Thursday, Sept. 5. 

The proposed 60-lot subdivision with 59 townhouse lots will be located on the west side of Stephen Decatur Highway and north of Sinepuxent Road in West Ocean City.

RD Hand & Associates Inc, is serving as the landscape architect for Sea Oaks. The proposal needed approval from the planning commission regarding use of cul-de-sac and dead-end streets. 

Attorney Hugh Cropper said the project also still needs a few routine items, such as written confirmation that appropriate utilities and easements are on the site plan, that the entrance onto Stephen Decatur Highway meets requirements and that entrances off proposed approved private roads will be provided by County Roads. 

Cropper said the equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) have been allocated, but still need to be paid for. Commissioner Marlene Ott motioned to approve the preliminary plat, including the use of the cul-de-sac and dead-ends streets and Commission Gerard Barbierri seconded. 

The Worcester County Commissioners had previously denied allocating EDUs to the project, thus resulting in delays and a lawsuit. The lawsuit has since been settled and the county agreed to allocate EDUs. 

“Ever since we resolved the lawsuit with the county, everybody’s been very helpful,” Cropper said.  

The next step is to receive approval for the final subdivision plan from the Planning Commission. 

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